Why Using Sim Racing Gloves?

Become a better sim racer by using Sim Racing Gloves!

More and more serious sim racers are using sim racing gloves, and for good reason! Sim racing is all about simulating the real racing feel. Besides your actual sim rig, spending time on the ultimate setup of your car and exploring every inch of the racetrack, accessories can make a big difference in feeling and performance.

With a pair of well made Sim Racing gloves you will find more grip and comfort while driving, preventing slippage on the steering wheel and chafing of the skin. You will be able to drive for longer periods of time with ultimate comfort. This will not only give you a more consistent feel throughout the session, it will give you better feedback and likely result in a higher skill level.

Sim racing gloves will also prevent sweat stains or finger imprints on the steering wheel for the most part. Do you use an alcantara wheel? The gloves will help keep the alcantara in better condition.

Our gloves are designed with racing in mind. They have all of the above listed features as an extra but the main goal was to develop a light weight, stretchy glove for ultimate comfort, breathability and protection. The gloves come standard with useful touch screen compatibillity.

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